It’s about time

We want to honor our local Vietnam veterans in the Oktemberfest parade Sept. 28. We have an entry with two trucks pulling trailers for those unable to walk in the parade. All Vietnam veterans are encouraged to join us. These veterans never had a proper “Welcome Home.” It was an era of flag burning and war protesters. They served honorably and deserved a better homecoming after all they endured. This is not something they are asking for or think they deserve. We are organizing this because for those lucky enough to return home alive, they still suffer from Agent Orange-related illnesses, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and survivor’s guilt. This war ended 38 years ago, so it’s about time we thanked them.

Any area Vietnam veteran who wants to participate, please let us know. Leave a message at 641-753-3000 or email We will let you know where to meet before the parade.

When you see them in the parade, please help us give them an Iowa welcome home. Tell them thank you, welcome home, wave a U.S. flag or just give them a hand when they go by. It will mean a lot to them and it is about time!