Daily Record, Aug. 15, 2013

Man arrested for domestic assault

Police arrested Derrick Terrell Morris, 26, of Marshalltown, Monday after he allegedly had a confrontation with a woman. A police report states that Morris slapped and punched the woman, with whom Morris had a child, in the face causing her to have a nosebleed. Morris left the scene before being arrested later that day.

He is charged with serious domestic assault, a serious misdemeanor, which carries a maximum prison sentence of one year.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office


On Monday, Susan Marie Lewis, of St. Anthony, was arrested for serious domestic abuse assault.

On Sunday, Lal Pek Mawia, of Des Moines, was arrested for driving under the influence, driving the wrong way on a four lane highway, no insurance and failure to yield to emergency vehicle.

On Sunday, Nathan Alan Clark, of Melbourne, was arrested for drunkenness.

On Saturday, Christopher alan Mason, of Le Grand, was arrested for possession of a Schedule II controlled substance-enhanced, conspiracy, burglary-third degree, theft-first degree and ongoing criminal conduct.

On Friday, Jared Alvin Kupka, of Clutier, was arrested for domestic abuse-strangulation and a harassment-first degree.

On Aug. 5, Renae Jean Mason, of Le Grand, was arrested for theft-third degree.