‘Can Man’ passes down tradition

For more than two decades Glen Slate collected thousands of cans and bottles a week at hotels and gas stations to raise money for the Boy Scouts, which resulted in his nickname the “Can Man.”

At age 94, Slate is now unable to collect them and a family has stepped into the role.

James Lewis, his wife, Rhonda, and son, Cody, have taken over the collection process in Marshalltown and will continue to raise money for the Boy Scouts.

“I used to be a Boy Scout,” James Lewis said.

Slate started his collection operation in 1984 for the Girl Scouts. He eventually switched to raise money for the Boy Scouts and was proud of his work.

“I never was a Boy Scout, but I appreciate what they are doing,” said Slate, who is a World War II veteran living in the Iowa Veterans Home. “At least I was doing some good and I really enjoyed that work.”

Lewis plans to try to add more collection sites. Currently, they are located at the Kwik Star locations and a selection of hotels in town. Hogeland Auto Plaza has donated barrels to use for the operation.

Whatever the future holds, Lewis said he will continue to bring up Slate’s name. He said he feels it’s important people remember what Slate has done through the years.

“I want to keep his name going,” Lewis said.

Those wanting more information on the new collection process can call Lewis at 641-351-0636.