ACT scores dip at MHS this year

The average ACT student test scores at MHS were down nearly a point in 2013 from the scores the previous year.

The 2013 graduating class at MHS scored an average of 22 on the test, down from the 22.9 average score last year.

“We are going to have years where it’s going to fluctuate,” said MHS Principal Aiddy Phomvisay. “We won’t let these numbers discourage us.”

MHS declined in all four categories of the test this year including English, mathematics, reading and science. Both English and reading saw 1.2 point declines from the previous year. Phomvisay said this is no cause for alarm and they continue to put a rigorous curriculum in place to improve the college readiness of students in the future.

“In the long term we are going to see gains in those areas,” he said.

Though the average score fell nearly a point, it is still slightly higher than the MHS scores in 2010 (21.8) and 2011 (21.9).

Marshalltown was right behind the state average score of 22.1 this year.

“We certainly want to surpass that state average and work towards that goal,” Phomvisay said. “We certainly want the trend to go up.”

A total of 133 MHS students took that standardized college prep test this year. Iowa finished in a tie for second overall with Wisconsin in results. Minnesota placed first in the country with a score of 23.