School levy renewal up for vote Sept. 10

Leaders in the Marshalltown Community School District are hopeful voters renew the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy for another 10 years.

The measure will be on the ballot as part of the Sept. 10 school election. It would represent no new taxes but a continuation of the same PPEL already in place.

The levy of 67 cents per $1,000 valuation has been in place for the past seven years. It provides money for facility improvements such as playground equipment, parking lot upgrades, technology updates and classroom remodeling.

The levy as it stands provides approximately $676,000 per year to the district.

“A lot of what we use it for is to do maintenance of our facilities and our grounds,” said Kevin Posekany, business manager with the district.

Those looking for more information on the PPEL can attend public meetings on the matter next week. There will be a session at 5:30 p.m. Monday at the Marshalltown High School library and one at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 29 in the Miller Middle School library.

Jason Staker, communications director with the school district, said these meetings will highlight what PPEL money has gone to in the past and what it will go to in the future if it is passed.

The measure needs a simple majority of 50 percent plus one vote to pass. The current levy expires in June 2016. If passed the extension of the PPEL would run to June 2026.