Searching for the TRUTH: One governor/two scenarios

Scenario #1 features the Iowa Veterans Home, my home. For over a year, we have brought into the public eye numerous examples of bullying, bad leadership, behavior and decisions by our Commandant and his Deputy resulting in a culture of fear, stress, and negative outcomes for us veterans. After the Governor’s Office stopped two investigations seeking the truth, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee held hearings resulting in recommendations to call on the Joint Government Oversight Committee to take it up and bring out the truth. But the Governor was dug in and got that squelched too. He has never welcomed the truth in our case and he’s gone to great lengths to keep it covered.

On April 26th, scenario #2 had its beginning as the vehicle containing the Governor and Lt. Governor raced along Highway 20. After many completely unbelievable denials and stories, plus one highly questionable firing of the state employee who got this in the news in the first place, Governor Branstad now turns to a Supreme Court Judge to independently uncover “his truth”. He doesn’t seem to care about ours. It seems to me the Governor only wants the “truth” on his terms and to suit his purposes.