Veterans need help

With abuses now disclosed at the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo, Governor Branstad calls for a culture change and new leadership to get things turned around.

In his ongoing “speeding saga” and the firing of the agent who made it all public, he now calls on a Supreme Court Judge to independently get at the real “truth”.

In my home, the Iowa Veterans Home, we’ve had a culture change too. It’s gone from excellent to terrible! For well over a year now, we’ve been trying to get the truth out about our situation. Branstad has stopped us dead in the water at every turn. Under Branstad’s protection and support, the bullying and dictatorial management style of Commandant David Worley and Deputy (now Director of Nursing), Shauna Callaway, we have seen our home-like environment destroyed. A balanced, professional multi-disciplinary care planning team that took years to build has also been replaced with nurses running everything. Many good people have been driven out, unable to tolerate the chaos and fear they have brought to us.

Branstad is trying to help the kids and himself but not us. We don’t understand why. Perhaps we could use his Supreme Court judge when he’s finished.