Clovis running for U.S. Senate on conservative principles

Sam Clovis, a professor at Morningside College in Sioux City, hopes his first public office is that of the U.S. Senate.

Clovis visited Marshalltown and the Marshall County Pachyderm Club Friday.

He is a former Air Force fighter pilot and also hosts a radio show in Sioux City. He brings a varied background to his Republican campaign but he doesn’t bring with him a stepping stone legislative position.

“I think I am a person that has unique skill sets and I’m not tainted (by politics),” Clovis said.

Clovis said he is running in the June 2014 primary on three main issues – the economy, national security and liberty. He feels the corporate tax rate should be cut to 10 percent.

“That way we eliminate the excuse of (companies) putting their money overseas,” Clovis said.

He said the country is undergoing a reshaping of its military. He said it’s inevitable that the military gets smaller, but he said it needs to be a “ready force” to be potent.

Clovis doesn’t hold back on the issue of immigration and has plenty of problems with the U.S. Senate bill and amnesty.

“My biggest problem with the immigration bill is the U.S. Senate is asking us to turn a blind eye to the people who break the law,” Clovis said. “That, to me, is un-American.”

Clovis believes in term limits and does not want to be a lifelong politician.

He said he has a challenge ahead of him but plans to travel the state touting his conservative principles that can be implemented in a pragmatic way.

“We have an excellent (campaign) team and a great strategy,” Clovis said.