Holland producer likes this year’s corn crop

HOLLAND – Dale Launstein, a producer who farms from Eldora to Dike and lives in Holland, said much of his corn has weathered the roller coaster growing season this year.

“We haven’t noticed anything bad,” Launstein said. “We’ve had less bug pressure than we’ve ever had here.”

Launstein hosted a farm tour Friday north of Holland as part of a program known as “Pursuit to 300,” which is run by the The Mosaic Company.

He was one of six producers in the Corn Belt chosen by Mosaic to farm a test plot on their land to try to see what works and see if 300 bushel an acre corn can be in his future.

That is a lofty goal and Launstein said he’d be happy with 250 bushels an acre this year.

Kyle Freeman, agronomist with Mosaic, said they tested several new methods on the Launstein farm as part of this program.

Freeman said they tried to use starter fertilizer, late season nitrogen application and planted 36,000 plants per acre, which is typically more than they do at this farm.

“We were looking for farmers willing to try to do some new things on the farm,” Freeman said. “We do think they’ll get some good yield here.”

Launstein said the techniques have worked and he has learned something through the process.

“I think it’s helped us to be better growers and better producers,” he said.

Opening his farm to a group of media on the field day Friday was fine with Launstein.

“I like that we can show the face of agriculture and the modern farming techniques,” Launstein said.