Schools should address lack of air conditioning

Many people in Marshalltown have the mistaken impression that all the schools in town are air conditioned. In fact, there are several schools here that are only partially air conditioned. The rooms that are not have been unbearably hot during the school day. It is virtually impossible to teach or learn when you are dripping wet, sick to your stomach, have a headache and are just generally lethargic. Those rooms can be in the high 90s, and the few windows open do nothing to cool things off. Each child in the room becomes a little “furnace” as the day goes by; and when you get 25 of those, the temperature really skyrockets.

Marshalltown needs to address the problem of the buildings without AC. School personnel are all so conscious of not wasting a single learning moment during the day, but I’m sure that the kids in the hot rooms are being short-changed. Their learning will basically start when this heat wave is over. From the weather report, it won’t be anytime soon.

I taught for 35 years and most of it was in the Marshalltown school system. Much of the time I was in a building without AC, so I know what it feels like. I also taught the last few years in an AC building, and it made a huge difference