Please volunteer at the Iowa Veterans Home

My husband spent 23 years at the Iowa Veterans Home and it was a very wonderful place for him to be. He made many friends, he just loved it there and all the staff was just wonderful also. I became a volunteer when he couldn’t go with me in my van. I would go on trips with him and to many of the concerts and activities in the LRC. It is a very good service for the residents who live there. I still volunteer since my husband died and it is very rewarding. I push wheelchairs to the activities and when they have dance music I go down the aisles of wheelchairs and say “Let’s dance” and they say I can’t because I am in a wheelchair, so I take their hands and dance with the people. Their faces light up like a Christmas tree! You can have this experience when you take a few hours out of your day to volunteer and get many thanks from the residents. So please call Aimee at 641-753-4406, to become a volunteer at the Iowa Veterans Home. It is such a very rewarding experience each time.