Confident in leadership at IVH

After reviewing the problems and recent complaints about operations at the Iowa Veterans Home I would like to submit my view.

Most of the complaints seem to come from employees, not the IVH residents, and most are personal, having nothing to do with running the Iowa Veterans Home.

How do I know? I have been involved there since the late 1950s and early 1960s, having served on various committees. During that time every one of the commandants has made mistakes, but we never cried for his resignation.

Commandant David Worley stepped into a challenging situation the day he took office, an agenda that had caused his predecessor to leave.

If the politicians want to improve and/or alter conditions at the Iowa Veterans Home, they must find a way to cut costs for the residents. Those costs have gotten so high that I know several deserving veterans with every intention of going to IVH, but can’t afford the price. They deserve better.

When I served on the Iowa Veterans Affairs Commission, less than half of Iowa Legislators had even been to the Iowa Veterans Home.

I and many others have confidence that Commandant David Worley and Chief Operating Officer Jodi Tymeson will work things out to calm those recent complaints about discharging personnel and changing operations in order to meet rules.