Let’s start living again

If you think that we are not at war to save our constitution, you should have been employed, both past and present in Detroit. You would have found yourself fighting for your pay or your pension, but only the banks are being bailed out at 75 to 80 percent of their debt.

Truly, the Cyprus template is spelled out in this document. Detroit is the first city in the U.S. to experience this action. Detroit and other cities had been suckered into Interest Rate Swaps, only to find out that its interest rates went much higher but could not go back. Detroit is not the only city in line for this kind of treatment. We may wake up some morning to find that this has happened to us all unless we get Congress to pass Glass-Steagall.

Now Prince Bandar the Saudi Intelligence Chief of London Riyadh Axis is setting us the U.S. into a War in Syria. He was the same one that set us up for 9/11. So far only a few senators have said that Congress has to decide whether or not we go to war, not the U.N.

If we go to war with out the approval of Congress, we will have acted out side of our constitution.

We in the LaRouche movement say that we want to go with something positive. The North America Water and Power Alliance would put millions of people to work to bring water from Alaska and Canada improving our ability to grow crops in the western states and better control our weather pattern here in Iowa. This was on President Kennedy’s to do project. If we have money to go to war, we surely have money to improve our production ability.

We will settle with nothing less than Glass-Steagall, followed with Alexander Hamilton’s Credit Bank and then NAWAPA. Then we could start living again.