Officials look for FEMA funds to repair bridge

Marshall County officials are looking into a way to get FEMA dollars to replace a bridge that was heavily damaged from the flooding this past spring.

Marshall County Engineer Paul Geilenfeldt said once flood waters receded the bridge on Abbott Avenue north of Highway 96 was severely damaged. An abutment failure caused the north end of the bridge to drop 7 to 8 feet. The damage at the bridge west of Gladbrook was not noticed until after an accident occurred there.

“It was a really bad situation,” Geilenfeldt said.

The gravel road remains closed near the bridge. One thing holding up the application process is determining which county is responsible for the bridge since it is on the county line road with Tama County. Geilenfeldt said they have been working with Tama County under an agreement that expired in 1956, so it needs to be updated.

Another bridge project on 330th Street in the Melbourne area appears will not get done until next spring, Geilenfeldt said. It was originally slated to be replaced this summer. This was not damaged as a result of the flood and was on the regular replacement schedule for the county.