Authentic 9/11 memorial in Marshalltown, not NYC

Regarding the article “Piece of 9/11 tragedy stands tall” – it is ironic that a humble 9/11 memorial in central Iowa should include an authentic artifact of the World Trade Center. The billion dollar, eight acre “National September 11 Memorial” at the WTC doesn’t.

In fact, everything that we remember and would remind us of the attacks – the iconic steel remnants and the damaged Koenig Sphere, the only structure to survive intact – has been banned from the memorial.

Because restored to the site they would remind visitors of the attacks. And thus, as per memorial officials, “tell them what to think.”

Like, um, we were attacked.

It is the only memorial worldwide at the historic site of the event it is supposed to be commemorating that does not incorporate any authentic artifacts of that event.

Imagine the USS Arizona Memorial without the USS Arizona. Or Gettysburg without the battlefield.

Why are these authentic artifacts preserved where they stood? To preserve history. Why does the 9/11 WTC Memorial ban them?

Thousands, including 9/11 family members, survivors, first responders and NYC residents have called for its return. The Memorial Foundation ignores them.

So, if you want an authentic 9/11 memorial? Visit the Marshalltown Fire Department

Note: On 9/11 my brother, Capt. William F. Burke, Jr., Eng. Co. 21, FDNY, gave his life.