Implementing Common Core State Standards at our schools

I am Laurie Rink, a reading teacher and the coordinator of the Not in Our Town student group at MHS. I am writing this letter to inform parents and interested community members about the purpose of implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in our schools.

The CCSS are a set of high teaching and learning standards which are consistent across all of the United States. These standards have clear teaching and learning expectations that are designed to ensure students are prepared for the skills they need to attend college or pursue a career. The consistency of the CCSS in all of the states ensures that all students, no matter what state they reside in or what state they move to, will be learning the important skills they need to be successful.

For more information about what the specific Common Cores are, go to: or This first website (NSPRA National School Public Relations Association) contains many links, such as Parent’s Guide to Student Success and Parent Roadmaps to CCSS, for parents to understand the CCSS and learn how to help their children be successful in the education process. These links are available in English as well as Spanish and provide examples of what students in each grade level should be learning. The parent links on these websites are free and full of helpful information; well worth the time to visit.

As parents, you can help your children be successful with CCSS by asking questions about what they are learning and doing in their classrooms. Ask your child if he or she needs help and if you can assist. Explore career interests and college information with your child. Partner with your child’s teacher by asking to see examples of your child’s work, and discuss progress and skills which still need practice. Ask the teacher what you can do as a parent to support what your child is learning in class. Attend the parent/teacher conferences even if your child is doing well. It is very rewarding for the parent, the student, and the teacher to celebrate successes.

If we all work together, CCSS will bridge the gap we have seen in academic equality and help our children, and ultimately our communities, be successful. I am excited to witness and be actively involved with this growth!