Future, present combine at St. Francis School

School is going on as normal as possible at St. Francis Catholic School while a major addition is built on the site.

“It really doesn’t affect the kids much,” said Dee Pohle, second grade teacher at St. Francis. “They are dealing with it and understand it.”

Walls have been put up recently on the site for the project being led by Garling Construction of Belle Plaine.

The addition, located just east of the current school site, is expected to be completed in mid to late February, said Matt Herrick, principal of the school.

“The weather has been very cooperative so progress has been going well,” Herrick said. “Hopefully in the next two weeks they will start with concrete blocking and interior masonry.”

Herrick said noise has not been an issue yet as the project is not interrupting instruction.

“The kids and the teachers have had no problem at all,” he said. “Everything is working very well.”

The project is on track to be enclosed before the winter months allowing for the interior work to be done during the colder weather.

Fundraising has reached $2.9 million for the project, with a goal of $3.75 million.

Pohle said the work site is taking up part of the playground area, and is some cases, still is a play area as footballs and Frisbees tend to fly over the fence and onto the site.

“The workers always return them,” Pohle said.

St. Francis is the new name of Marshalltown Area Catholic School. This new addition will allow for all grades to be on one site, instead of the two locations the school currently operates.