Man flips off police, leads chase

A local musician allegedly flipped off a police officer, led a short chase and slammed into a squad car Saturday night.

Tyler Oleson, 31, is charged with OWI, aggravated assault, second-degree criminal mischief, eluding police and four traffic violations.

Oleson, of Marshalltown, is the drummer for local bands Moon Chaplin and the Magic Men and Modern Life is War.

The incident occurred about 9:20 p.m. on North Center Street when Oleson “gave an officer an obscene gesture with his middle finger,” said Capt. Brian Batterson, with the Marshalltown Police Department.

The officer began observing the vehicle as they continued north on Center Street until Oleson’s vehicle became parallel with the squad car, Batterson said. At that time, Oleson swerved his car toward the patrol car, but did not make contact. The officer initiated a stop and Oleson pulled over. However, he took off again.

Near First and High streets Oleson allegedly put the car in reverse and attempted to strike the patrol vehicle, however the officer was able to avoid the collision.

The pursuit continued to Boone and Third Street when Oleson stopped and again threw the vehicle into reverse. This time he collided with a Charger squad car, Batterson said.

Oleson bailed on foot, and made it across the street where he was tased, Batterson said.

He was then taken to the MPD to be evaluated for an OWI, Batterson said. Batterson described the damage to the Charger squad car as “significant,” however, an estimate had not been determined.