Address bullying with positive thinking, actions

My name is Henry J. Seiler and the reason for this letter is to promote Marshalltown schools and the community as a whole. I am currently 48 years old, and over the years I wrote and had published an autobiography of my life when I went through a terrible accident and the events that preceded afterwards. The book is titled, “Henry Dared to Live.”

I grew up in Marshalltown and also graduated from there. I know growing up can be stressful at times and my book gives the reader a glance at bullying, how determination through positive thinking and focus of your goals can bring you through anything. My motto is, “You don’t have to be brain injured to figure it out.”

I do motivational talks to promote and enrich positive thinking and action. My talks tell kids about how fragile life really is and just because everything is going a certain way doesn’t mean it will keep going down that same road. Everyone needs to be ready for change, once change happens to you, how are you going to react to it? It’s not the path your on it’s the path you take once the change has happened.

I feel this would be beneficial for Marshalltown schools to promote “no bullying” in our community and schools.

I would like to be a motivator of “No Bullying” for the Marshalltown schools and be a speaker for the students. I am currently employed with the Marshalltown School System as a substitute custodian.