Honor Louise at Friday vigil

A Vigil for American Justice will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Friday, Sept. 13, at the Hall of Justice, 1701 Farnum St, Omaha, Neb. This will honor Louise Sollowin, a 93-year-old grandmother who was raped and beaten to death in July by Sergio Martinez-Perez and serve as a rally against illegal immigration. Martinez-Perez, 19, was charged with first degree murder in her death. His pre-trial hearing starts Sept.13 and this vigil honoring Louise will be held across the street.

After being arrested Sergio, through an interpreter, reportedly admitted to beating and raping Louise. He said he had been drinking heavily and was “angry with women.” He stated he had been working as a roofer. The autopsy report listed “blunt force trauma, broken cheekbones, head injuries, broken teeth, broken ribs and a broken nose.” Sergio had never met the grandmother prior to the attack. The police report stated there was blood on “walls, floor, ceiling and bed.”

Various people are scheduled to speak at the vigil commemorating Louise’s life including her grandson. If you can attend to support this family, it would be a way to honor Louise Sollowin’s life.