Braley remains against U.S. military action in Syria

U.S Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, has continued his stance against U.S. military strikes in Syria as a retaliation for the use of chemical weapons in the country.

“I continue to believe that the use of military force in Syria isn’t the appropriate response,” Braley said in a conference call with Iowa reporters Wednesday.

Braley’s office has reached out to thousands of Iowans over the past week and he said 80 percent do not want military action in Syria. For those Iowans who have reached out to Braley, 98.4 percent do not want military action.

Another reason Braley is apprehensive about the military option presented by President Barack Obama is that the use of force tends to have a reaction. If the United States goes alone into Syria with no allies, that reaction would fall squarely on the U.S., Braley said.

“Any response will be directed solely at the U.S. as responsible,” Braley said.

He is encouraged that there appears to be some headway with an idea proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to take a more diplomatic approach to get Syrian President Bashar Assad to get rid of his chemical weapons.

“I believe we have the momentum building in the international community to see that through,” Braley said.

He said Assad should be prosecuted for war crimes per the laws in the Geneva Convention for the use of chemical weapons.