Incumbents do well in West Marshall school election

Incumbents Tom Hemesath and Wayne Larsen were both re-elected for four more years to the West Marshall School Board Tuesday as each garnered 231 votes.

Newcomer Don Porter (227 votes) was also elected to the West Marshall school board while State Center City Councilman Jon Mustaine (119 votes) was not.

In one of the more hotly-contested races in the area, Ann Jackson (125 votes) and Patrick Cornwell (106 votes) edged out Jon Espenscheid (94 votes) and Jenna Clough (86 votes) for at-large seats on the GMG School Board.

GMG had the highest voter turnout in Marshall County as 16.3 percent of registered voters in the district cast their ballots. Kevin Bovenmeyer and Jackie Stonewall were also elected to the GMG board.

“I am very honored to have been elected to the GMG School Board,” Jackson said. “The great voter turnout demonstrates how important our district is to its patrons. I believe that GMG is one of the best schools in the state.”

In the East Marshall School District, Terry Collins, Nicole Huisinga and Julie Schossow all were elected to the school board as they ran unopposed.

The 67-cent Physical Plant and Equipment Levy was approved in the East Marshall District by a vote of 86 to 24. Collins is the current president of the East Marshall board.

In Grundy Center, a public measure for a $7.9 million bond vote for facility additions in the school district was turned down by voters, 563 to 412.

In the BCLUW School District, ballot candidate LJ Kopsa was selected to the board along with write-ins Lynne Kock and Eric Engel.

“I feel very privileged and honored to be selected to serve my community this way,” Kock said.

Douglas Rowe, Rod Brockett and Josh Hemann were all elected to the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Board. Iowa Valley Community College District board candidates Delbert Kellogg (Marshalltown), Yvonne Mallory (Toledo) and Deb Jones (Clemons) all were re-elected Tuesday as they ran unopposed.