Creative seniors create quilts, crafts at sewing club

A group of ladies get crafty and creative at the Sew ‘n’ Sew club, around 9:30 a.m., every Friday at the senior center.

The Sew ‘n’ Sew club was officially established about two years ago. Since then, quilts, casserole carriers, dish towels, zippered pouches and cosmetic bags have been made, in between coffee and muffin breaks.

Kathy Waltermire, retired director of the senior center, is an active member of the club. Waltermire said she loves the people in the club.

“I love the people and the getting together,” Waltermire said. “Sometimes we don’t get further than a coffee break. The people are so much fun.”

Waltermire said the members of the club are all retired volunteers. Some of the quilts the ladies make are donated.

David Hicks, director of Marshall County’s Youth and Shelter Services, collects donated quilts made by the members of the club. Hicks said the quilts are donated to young moms who need extra support.

“These quilts are made with love,” Hicks said. “There’s a lot of hard work put in to these so they will be treated with kindness and will be passed down from client to client.”

The quilts donated are valued from $20-$80, depending on size. Hicks said he likes seeing generations helping each other.

“We have seniors helping young people,” Hicks said. “There’s always value when seniors can contribute and young people appreciate it.”

Kay Jennings, a member of Sew ‘n’ Sew, said she likes to donate quilts to the Animal Rescue League.

“I like to make small quilts out of scraps and give it to the rescue league,” Jennings said. “I like to give cat quilts to the kitties, they don’t care what it looks like.”

Not all the quilts made in the club are donated. Some can be purchased in the senior community center or at Marla’s Headliner. The money from the stitched items goes towards the senior center.

Bobbi Reeder, director of the senior center, said the Sew ‘n’ Sew club has been great for the senior center.

“It’s enjoyable to watch them and watch it evolve,” Reeder said. ” One will start something then they all will try it. It’s been good for the senior center and it’s been good financially for the senior center.”

Anyone can join or participate in the club.

“There isn’t an age limit,” Reeder said. “If younger men and women came in and learned quilting and joined the group, we don’t have a problem with that.”

Waltermire said she invites anyone to join.

“We would love to have more people join us,” Waltermire said. “When we did the 1,600 inch quilt, we had several people who came and made quilts with us.”

Waltermire said the sewing club is open to the public and if anyone has a project they would like to work on with the group, they could contact the senior center.