The resurrected sparrow

Watching animals is a past-time I enjoy. You never know what will happen next. One would think that animals are smarter than humans but that is not always true. One hot day about mid-afternoon, I was trudging between the house and the garage when I spied a sparrow lying on its side in front of the door – it was not there just five minutes previous. My first instinct was that some animal had just tried to make it lunch, but there weren’t any animals around. My quick guess was that it tried to enter the garage through the darkened window and was knocked unconscious. As I watched, its leg began to quiver and twitch. Sure enough, in a short time it was on its feet; revived, and trying to wobble forward. It fell over, lying there for a short time, then, hopped back to its feet. It stood for a while, soon ascending in flight.

My mind always looks for lessons in this evil world to help us see the wonders of God’s new coming world – heaven. The bird had made an unwise move which could have cost it its life. In a similar manner, humans do not have the ability to always make the right choices. With our own short-sightedness, we are sometimes flung between a rock and a hard spot, dazed and unable to find any movement forward.

We may be stunned and unable to see beyond our shaken countenance. But the Bible says that God takes care of the birds of the air where not even one sparrow falls from the sky without God knowing about it. I assume, then, that God worked to restore sanity to this bird’s flight pattern. I made sure, while it regained composure, that no cats would find it an easy prey. With what little help I gave, and God’s supernatural care, the bird regained its place in nature -given a second chance. That is what God offers to humans; a second chance to restore ourselves, to our flight that is upward-bound. Making wrong choices doesn’t make us earth-bound forever. We can receive the same care from nature’s physician as the bird did. God cares for the sparrow but we humans have to intentionally place ourselves under his care – in God we must trust. God watches over his creation: his spirit watches over us, until we have been revived from our failures.