Bicycle riders should follow traffic laws

It seems as though Marshalltown and Marshall County have a very well organized bicycle club and I am reaching out to this club to help with educating the bicycle riders in our area. In the last two or three days I have had bicycle riders swerve in front of me to head south and not stop at the posted stop sign at the corner of Westwood and Campbell Drive. On Wednesday there were two bicyclists that turned west onto Westwood from 12th street without stopping at the posted stop sign. I was forced to slow to avoid a possible situation.

Marshalltown and Marshall County residents have contributed much to bicycling in our area and it would behoove the bicycle riders to follow the posted traffic laws to help avoid a tragic situation. Bicycle riders many times complain about drivers not yielding to the bicycle riders and my guess is many times this is true. Please bicycle riders earn the respect you want and follow the posted traffic laws!