Alley transformation begins with lights

Transformation of an old alleyway to a pedestrian walkway began last week.

Eight farmhouse lights were added to the alleyway between Apgar Photography Studio and Fiddle & Whistle Pub.

“It illuminates the whole walkway now, it’s beautiful,” Jenny Etter, executive director of the Marshalltown Central Business District said.

The next step in the transformation is the outside of the Apgar and Tremont building. Etter said the buildings will be painted all the same colors, for a clean pallet.

After that, the alleyway itself will be resurfaced and two pots will be at the front and back end of the alley to stop vehicular traffic.

“After it gets resurfaced we will have benches out there and just make it really pretty,” Etter said.

She hopes phase one of the transformation will be completed by the end of October so she can start looking more into phase two, a mural.

“We want to get all the construction done first, then we will start looking at what kind of artwork we want, so that will be fun,” Etter said.

A historic transportation theme is being considered for the mural, she said.

“We want it to reflect the history of Marshalltown,” Etter said. “One of the things we had talked about was to have a transportation theme and have several vignettes of the old buggy works here in town and the trolleys and railroads we had and kind of a nice transportation theme down the alleyway.”