Lovina Marie Wilkenson Kent

With fond remembrance and in memory of Lovina Marie Wilkenson Kent who died July 27, 2013 peacefully in her sleep with family and hospice by her side. Lovina loved life and her family she met along the way. She lived a very colorful life which included dying her hair bubblegum pink the day before she turned 80 years old. She said “I’m turning 80 years old and I want to make a statement!” And she did.

Lovina was born to Albert and Nancy Wilkenson in their home at Salt Creek Township, Tama County Iowa. She graduated and married Jack Kent which ended in divorce, where she took her belongings and moved to California. Lovina worked many jobs and lived life to the fullest. Twenty years later Jack went to California and asked her to marry him again. So on June 14, 1981 they were united in marriage a 2nd time.

They moved to a country home on Twinklehill Road in Marshalltown where Lovina loved her chicken, ducks, turkeys and any strays that people would bring her. They had a huge garden and loved to can all the vegetables. They also loved to make quilts together. As they got older the health declined so they sold the farm and moved to Marshalltown. Lovina, not being a person who couldn’t sit around found a job at Dick’s 13th Street Laundromat. This is another big area in her life where people she met became her family. She loved people. Returning from the Laundromat, she tried to sit around again but couldn’t stand it so she started cleaning for people and taking care of her property while they were gone. She said it kept her busy.

Her C.O.P.D. started bothering her so she retired again, but this time she found a little chiwawa rescue dog named Gabby that was her baby that never grew up and was her pride and joy. She often spoke of how lucky she was to find her.

Surviving are her siblings: Marjorie Wilkenson, Elizabeth Prisker of Marshalltown, Bernard Wilkenson and his wife of Cedar Rapids, Shirley Cupelak and her youngest brother Jack Wiklenson and his wife from Belle Plain, Iowa, many nieces and nephews, a stepson Jack Kent and family. Debra Brown Fisher and her grandchildren: Shane and Tammy Brown, Terry and Rachel, Chip and Ashley, Michelle Brown, Chris Brown and Dani and her great grandchildren. And she was just at a wedding of a great grandson who gave her twin great great granddaughters Lorily and Nellie. She loved them all.

In her death she rejoins her parents Albert and Nancy Wilkenson, husband Jack Kent, two brothers Keith and Earnest Wilkenson. She was loved by all and will be truly missed.

We will be having a Celebration of Lovina’s life on Sunday, September 29th 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at Kiwanis Park by Hosland School. So bring pictures and stories to give her last wishes, enjoy life and laugh and love one another. No tears!

Graveside services at Winslow Cemetery will be at a later date to be reunited with Jack forever.