Daily Record, Sept. 25, 2013

Local woman arrested on warrant

A woman on warrant for disorderly conduct and failing to appear in court was arrested at a local motel.

Kisha C. Amundson, 36, was arrested Monday, after she opened the door to police at 11:30 a.m. in the Colonial Inn Motel, 1001 Iowa Ave. West, where she was staying.

Police were dispatched to the motel to search for a reported missing juvenile. They knocked on all the doors then were greeted by Amundson, who was recognized, then arrested.

Amundson was taken to the Marshall County Jail. She was searched and a syringe was found in her purse, she was given an additional charge for having drug paraphernalia.

She made her initial court appearance then was released Tuesday.

Man arrested on meth charges

A local man was arrested after he was found with meth and a glass pipe.

Salvador Cruz Jr., 26, was arrested Sunday, at 1:10 a.m., after he ran away from police who were dispatched for an assault taking place outside of Vaughn’s Pub, 22 N. First Ave.

According to the police report, once officers arrived to the bar, Cruz ran away. Police followed Cruz because they thought he was the offender.

Once they caught up with Cruz, they found less than a gram of meth and a glass pipe on him.

He was arrested and taken to jail for interference with official acts, possession of a Schedule II enhanced substance and drug paraphernalia.

He was released from jail after his initial appearance.

Marshall County Courthouse



Kisha Amundson, 1001 Iowa Ave. West Apt. #11, made an initial appearance on a warrant charging her with failure to appear for trial on a disorderly conduct charge and a possession of drug paraphernalia charge. She pleaded guilty to both charges. On the disorderly conduct charge the fine was $65 with a $22.75 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $147.75 plus additional fees for the warrant served. The fine on the possession of drug paraphernalia charge was $65 with a $22.75 surcharge, a $10 DARE surcharge, a $125 law enforcement initiative surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $282.75. In both cases the court allowed for monthly installment payments of $50 beginning Oct. 22 until the debts are paid in full or in lieu of the fines and $22.75 surcharges Amundson may do 12 hours of community service on each charge plus pay the additional surcharges and court costs with both completed by Jan. 31, 2014.

Thian Par, address unknown, made an initial appearance through a Burmese interpreter on a charge of dark windows. She pleaded not guilty and a pre-trial conference is set for 9 a.m. on Oct. 22 in Magistrate Court.

Christopher Moore, address unknown, made an initial appearance on a parole violation charge. The court appointed Norma Meade as counsel. A parole revocation hearing will be scheduled by his parole officer as her calendar permits. Moore is being held without bond pending the parole revocation hearing.

Jeff Allen Clark, 508 W. Linn St., made an initial appearance on a driving while barred-habitual offender charge and a theft-fifth degree charge. The public defender’s office was appointed to handle his case. The preliminary hearing is set for 1 p.m. on Oct. 4. Bond is set at $2,000 cash or surety.

Eder Cruz, 409 W. Church St., made an initial appearance on two counts of a child endangerment charge and a violation of a no-contact order charge. The public defender’s office was appointed to handle his cases. The preliminary hearing on the child endangerment charges is set at 1 p.m. on Oct. 3 and the contempt hearing on the violation of a no-contact order is at 3:45 p.m. on Oct. 7. Bond on the child endangerment charge is $2,000 cash only while the bond on the violation charge is $1,000 cash only. A new no-contact order was issued for the protected party. The court ordered that if Cruz owned or possessed any firearms or ammunition he is contact the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office within 24 hours to make arrangements to surrender them.

Property Transfers

Sept. 13

OHP 16 LC on contract to Scott Herrald, 707 Noble St.

Starla Amendt to Mark Weese, 402 E. Dawn St., Le Grand

Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development of Washington, D.C., 212 S. 14th Ave.

Jason and Jill Paulsen to Jeffrey Bell, 604 W. Olive St.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Artemio Sanchez, Maria Sanchez and Edwardo Sanchez, 916 S. Second Ave.

Lorraine Montgomery to Kevin and Mariela Montgomery, 305 Second Ave. SE, State Center

Sept. 16

Samuel and Samantha Zoske to Yared Vazquez Madera and Patricia Hernandez Poudevida, 2712 Nelson Road

Dustin and Alison Vis to Starla Amendt, 102 E. Benton St., Le Grand

Van and Barbara McKibben to Van McKibben Trust, 2211 148th St., Albion

Van and Barbara McKibben to Barbara McKibben Trust, 2211 148th St., Albion

The Estate of Martha Hall to Catherine Nolan, 401 E. South St.

The Estate of Dorothy Zednichek to Carol Adkins, Beverly Waddell, Larry Zednichek and James Zednichek, 1705 W. State St.

Fabiola Garcia to Bluffwood Partners LLC, 411 N. Center St.

Farmers Savings Bank to Yuri Sanchez, 14 N. 11th Ave.

Farmers Savings Bank to Miguel Guzman, 601 N. Third Ave.

Bruce Campbell and Susan Harris-Campbell to Christine Dillon, 1905 Summit St.

Sept. 17

Douglas Cowan AKA Douglas and Jacqueline Cowan to DJ Rentals Cooperative, 209 W. Nevada St., 341 E. Fremont St., Rhodes, and 112 S. First St., Rhodes

Daniel and Amber Downs to LInda True, 402 Second St. SW, State Center

The Estate of Gilbert Ingraham to Jeremy Muschick, 2226 325th St., Haverhill

Sept. 18

Rita Gudith to Devin Robertson, 207 N. Seventh St.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Juliann Johnson and Curtis Sylvester, 603 Crestview Drive, Le Grand

Seasonal Ag Services Inc. to Elda Martinez, 707 N. Third Ave.

Robert Brekke to Kimberly Keyes, 206 E. Jefferson St., Albion

Brandi Eberle to Matthew Eberle, 303 Wauconda Road, and 2951 Main St. Road

Victoria Keen to Kim Keen, 103 E. Main St., Le Grand, and 2467 Zola Ave.

Gary and Marilyn Peasley to Paul and Melissa Seltman, 1915 Knollwood Drive

Berta Valencia Perez to Gabriel Contreras, 209 Sharon Ave.


Jose Rodriguez Ordaz to Judith Mares Flores

Gavin Huseboe to Stephanie Woodruff

Thomas Watson to Heather Nichols

Marshalltown Fire Department


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to two fire calls to 1205 E. Boone St., and 3 S. Fourth Ave., and seven medical assists with the EMS crew to: 703 Henry Drive, 210 N. Eighth Ave., 1211 W. State St., 101 W. Iowa Ave., 2204 Summit St., 609 N. First Ave., and 202 Highland Acres Road.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a medical assist with the EMS crew to 207 W. Linn St., two calls and a fire call to 3202 S. 12th St., and seven rescue calls to: 906 S. Sixth Ave., 909 Prairie Lane, 902 S. Center St., 408 E. State St., 1211 W. State St., 506 Pleasantview Road, and 101 Byron St.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a call to 122 W. Main St., and 200 1/2 S. Third Ave., a fire call to 405 W. State St., two medical assists with the EMS crew to 2305 S. Center St., and 505 N. First Ave., and three rescue calls to: 108 N. 18th St., 1202 Rolling Meadows Road, and 1308 Olive St.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a fire call to 7 S. 16th St., and three medical assists with the EMS crew to: 202 N. Second Ave., 1204 W. Linn St., and 406 E. Linn St.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office


On Saturday, Oscar Jesus Ceniceros, 1118 May St., was arrested for theft-second degree.

On Saturday, Mark Houstin Youngbear, of Tama, was arrested for drunkenness.

On Friday, Thomas Jeremy Lopez, of Toledo, was arrested for violation of probation and theft-third degree.

On Friday, Rudy Allen Davis, of Newton, was arrested on a warrant charging him with failure to appear on a operating while intoxicated-second offense charge.


On Saturday, a vehicle driven by Janet Rankin Scurr, of Gilman, was southbound on Wallace Avenue when it struck a bicycle ridden by Autumn Marie Roseacker, 1941 Wallace Ave., which was also traveling south on Wallace. Roseacker was transported to Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center with possible injuries to her left side. Scurr was cited for violation of a restricted driver’s license. Damage to the Scurr vehicle was estimated at $200.