Scammers steal $300 from local woman

A local woman said more than $300 was stolen from her bank account Wednesday after someone calling to fix a computer error gained access to her account.

The victim received a call from someone claiming to be a Microsoft technician, wanting to repair error messages on her computer, according to the Marshalltown Police Department

Sometime during this call, the suspects gained control of the victim’s Internet and used the victim’s computer to access bank account records and removed more than $300.

No arrests have been made, and police said the suspects likely live outside of the United States.

The MPD recommends only dealing with reputable businesses or individuals you when receiving this type of phone call.

“Microsoft or any other computer software company is not just going to voluntarily come in and fix your computer without your knowledge,” said Capt. Mike Hanken, with the Marshalltown Police Department. “The only way they would be familiar with how your computer is working is if you were to contact them.”

The MPD asks anyone who feels they have been a victim to this crime report it immediately.

“The best advice I can give is to hang up and take no action with them, record the number down and you can give it to us so we have the reference,” Hanken said. “If you use online banking I would suggest to use password protect all critical information in your computer system.”