Diffie rocks, jokes with coliseum crowd

The wet weather wasn’t going to stop one of the biggest country music acts to come to Marshalltown in recent years from performing.

The Joe Diffie concert, originally scheduled for outdoors, was moved inside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum Saturday night as part of Oktemberfest.

“Thank goodness we had a Plan B,” Diffie told the crowd of 600 people.

Diffie is known for hits such as “Pick up Man” and “Third Rock from the Sun.”

He opened the show with “Third Rock.”

After playing two songs, Diffie couldn’t help but take a lighthearted jab at the unique name of Marshalltown’s annual festival.

“This is what? Oktemberfest?” Diffie said. “That’s confusing as heck, I’m sorry.”

Diffie had his biggest hits in the 1990s, but his name has surfaced in popular country music this past year with the hit “1994” by Jason Aldean. Diffie’s name is mentioned throughout the Aldean song.

“I’ve gotten a lot of recognition because of that Jason Aldean song,” Diffie said.

Diffie even played a portion of the Aldean song so the crowd could sing along to the refrain of “Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie.”

“How can I not like a song that’s about me?” Diffie told the crowd.

One of the more enthusiastic fans in the audience full of revelers was Gina Bouton, of Marshalltown, who was wearing a cowboy hat and dancing with friends.

“This rocks,” Bouton said. “He’s got an awesome voice and he’s got the crowd going.”

In the middle of the show, someone handed a Diffie a tall can of Miller Lite. He had a toast for the crowd before taking a drink of the beer.

“Here’s looking up your old address,” Diffie said. “Happy Oktemberfest.”

After taking a sip, Diffie had a another one-liner for the crowd.

“Now, if I burp in this next song, it’s your fault,” he said.