Motorcycle rodeo entertains a crowd

The curbs on Main Street were filled with people watching and competiting in the motorcycle rodeo Sunday.

Men, women and children competed in games by foot or on a motorcycle to win prizes.

Sandy Johnson and John Scigliano competed on their motorcycle. Their favorite game was road kill safari where they had to pick up stuffed animals in the middle of the street, from their bike, using a net. They have been in the rodeo for three years.

“We have a blast every year,” Scigliano said. “We want to come out here every year and do this because the community is out here and they want to watch us and they have a good time just as much as we do ourselves.”

Ben Weatherman competed in the strength competition. He had to lift a jug of window cleaner with one arm and hold it for as long as he could.

“It was really hot and it was really hard,” Weatherman said. “It’s a great time and it’s cool to see all the people out.”

Andrea Kirse was watching the competition. She said she comes every year to watch.

“It’s a beautiful day for this,” Kirse said. “It’s something to do.”

Marilee Weatherman, Oktemberfest board member in charge of the motorcycle rodeo said the crowd was great.

“I think it has been fabulous all day long,” Marilee said. “We have a great crowd and people really enjoy seeing events so I’m glad we can bring it to Marshalltown.”

Other games played were a slow ice race, a balloon game, bag toss, ski teams, dolly dual, ball game and a spark plug race.

In addition to the games, a motorcycle show was held with about 50 bikes. Full custom, vintage, sportster, metric cruiser, sport, v-twin, touring and trikes were displayed.

The event ended in smoke with a burn out pit, where bikers would ride their motorcycle and burn out their tires.