Common renting scam hits Marshalltown

Police urge people to use caution when looking for houses to rent online.

The Marshalltown Police Department was notified Monday of a fraudulent house in Marshalltown listed for rent on Craigslist.

After the person saw the home for rent they responded to the ad and received a rental application and e-mails asking for personal bank information.

The person checked out the home and saw it was for sale by a realtor, then notified police of the scam.

Randy Kessler, detective at the Marshalltown Police Department, said these scams are common.

“The same scams happen all over the country,” Kessler said. “The people that are behind it may not be anywhere in this area.”

Kessler urges people need to be wary of others asking for personal information.

“They shouldn’t give any personal information to someone they met over the internet,” Kessler said. “If they can’t verify that they have a legal right to be renting that house they shouldn’t even be communicating with them.”

Kessler said if you believe a post is fraudulent report it to the website and if you feel you were scammed, report it to the local law enforcement.