Process begins to find new fire chief

The process of finding a new Marshalltown fire chief will begin in the next two weeks.

“It’s a long and winding road,” said Randy Wetmore, city administrator.

The first step will be going through the Civil Service Commission.

“We will be putting some information together for the position of how we plan to test it and the interview process,” Wetmore said. “Once we get that going we will be setting up the application and the regular interviewing process for that.”

The earliest the decision will be made would be in December, depending on the number of applicants.

“Hopefully sometime in January or early February at the latest,” Wetmore said. “It just depends, when you get into the holidays it can always be a little more difficult to get everything done.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Scott Johnson is the acting fire chief.

“Everything should operate as it has been,” Wetmore said. “We will get the process moving along and we will have a new chief fairly soon.”

Steve Edwards was a part of the fire department for 38 years and served the last three years as chief. He retired on Sept. 26. Edwards’ yearly salary was $102,232.