Marshalltown schools to receive $1.5 million grant

The Marshalltown Community School District will receive approximately $1.5 million total over the next three years in a federal grant to help with physical education and overall wellness of students.

Marshalltown is one of 60 grant recipients under the Carol M. White Physical Education Program.

“It’s exciting for the district and good for Marshalltown,” said Matt Tullis, director of equity with the school district.

Tullis said this grant focuses on staff development with training on how nutrition and physical education can improve the overall wellness of students. It will have an impact on students in all grade levels in the district. The feeling is that healthy bodies will create healthy minds.

“There’s a direct correlation to healthy kids and improvement in student achievement,” Tullis said.

The district will monitor data on students and their fitness levels as part of this grant.

This is one more piece of the puzzle that is part of the district’s focus more on the physical health of the students in Marshalltown.

“I think there’s been a push to get kids more active,” Tullis said.

He said a key to Marshalltown landing this grant were the partnerships it has through the local Healthier Communities Coalition.