Thank you Pip Gordon

First let me say the letter in Sunday’s Times-Republican by Jinita Boyd expresses my sentiments as to the lack of leadership and integrity shown by Chancellor Chris Duree and the IVCCD board and its President Conrad Dejardin in working with the community.

Thank you Pip Gordon for showing the community the possibility of what the Orpheum could have become. It is unfortunate that Marshalltown has lost the opportunity to have not just an ordinary but an extraordinary Orpheum Theater Center. The vision that was shown to us by Ms. Gordon and her staff of what could be accomplished in the performing arts at the Orpheum is not to be. This I attribute to the lack of foresight and appreciation for the arts on behalf of the IVCCD Board and the courage of the MCC Chancellor to work with the Orpheum staff and the community to build and nurture the performing arts in Marshalltown.

I applaud Pip Gordon, Mike Oxley and the rest of the Orpheum staff for all your effort and hard work.