Volunteers needed for flower basket tradition

Be it Oktemberfest, Parent Teacher Organizations or youth sports, Marshalltown is known for its spirit of volunteerism.

And Dan Engesser is optimistic it will carry over and inspire residents to help water the Main Street hanging flower baskets for the 2014 season.

Engesser, who devotes his free time to downtown and other community beautification efforts, said he believed it was important to get an early start on recruiting.

“I urge all Marshalltonians who are able, will consider helping us with this important task,” he said. “The flower baskets have become a tradition, and make our downtown a welcoming destination. Locals and visitors regularly comment on how attractive they are.”

Duane Gaskill of Marshalltown has retired from watering and maintaining the flowers after 12 seasons.

For countless mornings over that time, Gaskill or his helpers could be seen watering the colorful flowers in early morning hours.

Engesser said he estimates baskets would be installed in mid May, or after the last frost. Watering would follow shortly thereafter.

Endorsing Engesser’s campaign is Jenny Etter, Marshalltown Central Business District director.

“I hope volunteers step up and contact Dan soon,” she said. “The hanging flower baskets have been a wonderful asset for downtown and we wish it to continue.”

Contact Engesser at 641-752-1087.