Grateful for friends of the Iowa Veterans Home

Speaking for numerous residents and staff of the Iowa Veterans Home, I wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to the friends and advocates who stood up and stood by us through the three years of turmoil created by the flawed administration of the recently resigned commandant.

Their tireless, persistent efforts to call attention to our situation led to two Department of Administrative Services investigations, one Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing and a current investigation by the Citizen’s Aide Ombudsman’s Office that just got started last month.

Our friends encountered many obstacles – obstacles that might have made many people simply give up. However, with each door that closed, they found a new one to open. The people who lived and worked at the Iowa Veterans Home during these stressful years will never forget the steadfast determination and efforts made on their behalf to bring forth the truth of what was happening.

Following the former Commandant’s resignation on Oct. 1, the Governor appointed Brig. Gen. Jodi Tymeson to be the new commandant at our home. We wish to welcome her to her new responsibilities and hope that she can bring the healing that is needed to this great Iowa facility at this time.