Duck Dash raises cash for Woodbury Elementary

Woodbury Elementary School students and their families watched more than 600 rubber ducks float across Linn Creek Tuesday evening during the inaugural Duck Dash.

The Duck Dash is a fundraising event that raised more than $3,000 towards new preschool playground equipment.

Students sold $5 rubber ducks and some businesses bought green corporate rubber ducks costing up to $500.

Each duck had a number on it and was entered to race across a pink line in Linn Creek. The first 25 ducks to touch the line received prizes. The first three corporate ducks to touch the line received trophies.

“For a school with 360 students, we sold over 600 ducks,” said Alyson Hicks, learning support specialist at Woodbury Elementary School. “That’s pretty good.”

Anel Garza, Woodbury Elementary School principal said she was thankful for parent, student and staff support.

“The support from the police and fire department, the support within the community to help us pull off this event in a safe environment was great,” Garza said. “We really need a good playground for our students and they wanted to make that a priority. I cannot believe all the parent support and the enthusiasm from both the parents and the students.”

Mike Ladenoff, a Woodbury Elementary School volunteer, thought of the duck dash fundraising idea. Ladenoff has a granddaughter that is a student at the school.

Ladenoff stood in the water and helped put the ducks in.

“We had a nice south breeze and the day went well,” Ladenoff said. “It went better than expected with the corporations that have been helping us, the parents really embracing it and the Woodbury staff was terrific.”

Before the ducks raced, students and their families ate dinner donated by El Portal and parents in the Woodbury Elementary School cafeteria watched Flamenco dancers from Main Street Dance Academy dance on stage.

After dinner, everyone walked to Linn Creek where the ducks were released to race.

After the race, everyone walked back to school to find out the winners of the race while eating. The grand prize was a $250 Wal-Mart gift card. The prizes were donated by various businesses in Marshalltown.

The new playground costs around $51,000. Other fundraising events will be held in the future.

“We feel like it was a very successful fundraiser,” Hicks said. “The kids had a great amount of fun doing this and we feel like we made a good step towards our big goal.”