Love of country

We all say we love America – the U. S. in particular. We ask God to bless our country. But really what would you do to save it and ourselves? As of Oct. 2, from very reliable sources, Wall Street has demanded that President Obama stop the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall at all cost and instead move ahead with more bailouts and bail-in looting of the American people to preserve the thoroughly bankrupt system.

The Wall Street policy means an acceleration of crippling hyperinflation, devastating austerity and ultimately mass murder of the nations most vulnerable citizens.

This Wall Street gang of hoodlum bankers, such as a coalition of the nation’s 19 biggest banks and insurance companies, went into the White House on Wednesday afternoon and demanded that the Federal Reserve continue the $85 billion a month of quantitative easing bailout of the top Wall Street and Europe banks indefinitely.

We with the LaRouche Group say unless Glass-Steagall is passed into law immediately, Obama and the Wall Street plan to unleash the worst mass murder austerity and looting of the American people ever. The total separation of commercial banking from all gambling activities under Glass-Steagall is our only remedy. Bankrupt Wall Street now so that we can implement the original U.S. credit bank and launch a great economic projects like NAWAPA and an Apollo-style crash international program. Call your Congressman now! Go to for greater information.