Power of the Purse returns as local fundraiser

Twenty tickets are available for the fifth annual Power of the Purse event from 6 to 9 p.m. Oct. 16 at Elmwood Country Club.

Tickets to the United Way fundraising event are $35.

“All of the money goes to the United Way,” said Nancy Steveson, executive director of the Marshalltown Area United Way.

During the event, 96 purses and other items donated by local businesses or individuals will be auctioned.

“We have some really high-end stuff we are hoping will bring in a lot of money,” Steveson said. “We also have less expensive items.”

Hors d’oeuvres will be served then a live auction will start at 7 p.m. The live auction includes 50 of the higher-end items such as a bag filled with tickets to Disneyland and a Bobcat bag filled with around $400 worth of Bobcat gear.

A silent auction will be ongoing. This auction include labels such as Coach, Jennifer Lopez and handmade bags. After the live auction, there will be a small break and the winners of the silent auction will be announced.

Every bag has something inside.

“Rainbow Car Wash is giving us a car wash for every item,” Steveson said. “That’s at least a $10 value so everyone will get a car wash if they get an item.”

Everyone is also entered in a door prize. Two purses and a purse pendant necklace donated by Hellberg’s Jewelers, a $900 value, will be given away.

Steveson invites anyone who wants to buy a ticket to come to the event.

“If they just want to come and enjoy, maybe they’ll be lucky and get something,” Steveson said. “There’s no obligation to buy anything other than they have to have their ticket to get in.”

Steveson said United Way makes a profit off of the ticket.

“Probably about a half the cost of a ticket comes to us as a donation,” Steveson said. “We have 96 items, not everybody is going to get something, but will still be donating.”

Last year $18,000 was raised.

“It’s a substantial fundraiser for us,” Steveson said. “It’s fun and sometimes people are surprised they end up being the winner of an item.”

Power of the Purse tickets can be purchased at Hy-Vee or Willard’s Furs & Fashions on Main. For more information call the United Way at 641-752-4688.