Gordon wrongly attacked in recent article

I am writing about the recent article, “Orpheum Theater looking for Operational leader” (Oct. 3, 2013). In that article, the reporter states that “(Orpheum Director Pip) Gordon’s fiscal leadership has been under scrutiny by college leaders as the theater has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually over the past few years, directly affecting the Iowa Valley budget.”

Where is the attribution? Who has made this accusation? A person’s professional reputation is involved and the reporter provides nothing more than innuendo and insinuation. That is wrong and it is shoddy writing, at best. At worst, it is a journalistic “poison pill,” for the reader to swallow, in order to create doubt about the credibility of Pip Gordon and her “fiscal leadership.”

I am tempted to say that this is an effort by the Times-Republican to provide cover to the Iowa Valley Board, which would like to shift the blame for their lack of financial oversight to Pip Gordon, an “outsider” to Marshalltown, but that would be innuendo, wouldn’t it?