Bike trail receives $770,000 grant

The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation is awarding a $770,000 grant to the Iowa River Railroad Bike Trail.

An award letter stating the amount of the grant was given to the city council Monday.

“The cost of the trail is $700,000 so that will be $70,000 available for bridge remediation and that sort of thing,” said Joel Greer, 2nd Ward council member.

Greer said the next step will be to get started on paperwork.

Curt Ward, city attorney, said he wants get ready to go on paperwork because he believes when the grant money is available, the T.R.A.I.L.S. group will be in a hurry.

“The idea here is to bring it back up and get it done,” Ward said.

Greer said last week he had a meeting with a Hardin County representative and one of the county supervisors and they are receptive to being the entity that will own the property north of the boundary between the two counties.

“We’re working on doing a super committee so we have four representatives from each county so that we’re not working across purposes,” Greer said.

Greer said the 20 person board of directors will meet at noon on Wednesday to address concerns about signage and safety.

“So far so good,” Greer said. “Everything has been falling into place.”

The Iowa River Railroad Bike Trail, made from an unused railroad corridor, will be 34 miles long with 17.4 miles in Marshall County and 16.6 miles will be in Hardin County.