City council denies man’s appeal on storm water charge

A local man made an appeal to the city council Monday regarding the new storm water utility ordinance and in a 6-1 vote it was denied.

Every Marshalltown property owner who has a development on their land pays a charge for the storm water runoff. Houses with two acres or less are charged $3 a month.

Bill Egleston made the appeal. Egleston has a little more than two acres of land. He wanted to split his lot so he had two parcels, each less than two acres.

Egleston’s acres are within three lots, one being a tennis court. He wanted to split off the tennis court so he would only owe $6 a month.

“We believed that he owes $15 and some odd cents a month,” Curt Ward, city attorney said. “Then he was claiming a difference of about $9 a month, the council decided that all three of his lots should be considered together as one parcel.”

Egleston claimed the lots were owned by different owners because his wife used her middle name on one of the parcels instead of her middle initial.

“The council decided that was not a separate ownership,” Ward said.

Egleston first requested an appeal to the city administrator, that was also denied.

“The council is the final decision maker and I don’t think you can appeal it to court or anything else,” Egleston said. “It’s just a matter of principle. It’s only costing me a hundred or so dollars a year.”