Local ARL dog bucks stereotype

The Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown will wish one of their dogs the best as it gets transfered to another shelter within the next few days.

After 10 months at the ARL, Bubbles, a 12-year-old terrier mix, will be transfered to a shelter in Cedar Rapids in hopes of finding an owner.

Heidi Drager, director of the ARL in Marshalltown said the ARL has never had to euthanize for space. She said euthanization is only used if there is a severe medical problem or behavior issue.

“A very frequent question that we have asked to us is ‘how long do you keep the animals,'” Drager said. “We keep them as long as we have room for them, and actually for dogs, we always have room since we finished our addition about a year ago.”

Bucking that stereotype, Drager said Bubbles will be transferred.

“We want to try and get new faces and new people around to see if we can find somebody that is willing to take Bubbles,” Drager said.

Drager said she doesn’t do a lot of transfers of dogs.

“It’s just something that’s kind of there in case we need it,” Drager said. “The shelter in Cedar Rapids is in a really good position right now. They have lots of space and they asked us if we had any dogs we’d like to send over.”

She said she transferring is another way to get animals into homes.