‘Because we are equal to the task’

The theme for National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2013 is “Because we are Equal to the Task.” The world is forever changing and empowering the individuals with disabilities is one of those areas in which change is a daily event.

Years ago, individuals with disabilities were not looked upon as employable. Through the years, however, many individuals with disabilities have proven themselves to be worthy employees. As a result, society has changed its view point on employing individuals with disabilities barriers have been torn down.

MIW, Inc. in Marshalltown is a nonprofit organization focused on providing work and empowering the MIW employee. MIW, Inc. currently does not have a Supported Employment program, but takes steps to help develop their work skills. We “all” work as a team to meet goals. Some of the work skills we help with are learning how to work with others, attendance, punctuality, versatility, supervision, communicating and remembering how to do jobs. Goals can be and are different for different people. Assisting employees in meeting vocational goals of “Learn to Work” and “Work to Earn” is what MIW is about.

We challenge our business/community partners to take steps to employ those with disabilities. Open your door for those who are ready and willing to be employed. Remember we are Equal to the Task!

Please join MIW, Inc. in celebrating employment for all.