Community rallies for soup fundraiser

Community members helped support two organizations Sunday at the annual Art & Compassion Soup Lunch at Marshalltown High School.

The event was a fundraiser for the House of Compassion and Marshall County Arts & Culture Alliance.

Everyone chose a ceramic bowl -made by a Marshalltown High School art student – from which to eat their soup and then take home as a keepsake.

Kathleen Ferrin, a Marshalltown High School senior, created some of the bowls.

“It’s a lot of fun to know we are helping out a good cause,” Ferrin said. “We go and work really hard to get it done perfectly. We want people to go home with a nice bowl to commemorate being able to help out the House of Compassion and Arts & Culture Alliance.”

Karen Frowhein, House of Compassion director, said it was her first soup lunch fundraiser and she liked the concept of collaboration.

“It’s such a neat thing because of the whole hand idea,” Frowhein said. “The art idea with the hands that created it, then us, the hands that serve, it’s an interesting collaboration. As a new person to the whole event I’m really pleased with the groups working together.”

In addition to the soup lunch, a silent auction was held.

The auction included additional pottery created by Marshalltown High School students.

Mary Giese, Marshall County Arts & Culture Alliance executive director, said the event grows every year.

“Now that we are here at the high school cafeteria we are getting more interest in the silent auction items donated,” Giese said. “We appreciate all the great things the high school gives, it’s nice to highlight them and we’re just happy our community is supporting this event.”

The tickets profits were split equally and given to the House of Compassion and Marshall County Arts & Culture Alliance.