Gowdy seeks to serve community

Mike Gowdy says he’s running for 3rd Ward city council seat to give back to the community.

“I think some of the council people are moving on,” Gowdy said. “I just think it’s my turn to step up and put forth my knowledge of living in the city for 40 years.”

Gowdy said one of his goals on council would be a bigger fire and police facility.

“When Chief Hilsenbeck was there he had kind of started the planning for a south side fire station, that would be one of the goals,” Gowdy said. “Either a sub station or a combined police and fire station, I’m pretty much open to anything that’ll work and is efficient and as easy on the taxpayers as we can get it.”

Gowdy also said he’s in favor of the street projects and has goals for youth and schools.

“We have a great number of Hispanic people and they have different school needs and stuff like that,” Gowdy said. “Also projects downtown, which seems to be minor compared to the sewer system and the streets, but it’s still part of the whole community projects.”

Gowdy has lived in Marshalltown since 1974 when he moved from Melbourne. He said he has been married for almost 40 years. He has three daughters and seven grandchildren, all living in Marshalltown.

Gowdy is retired from the optical business. He said his job was to make the glasses after the eye doctor would send the prescription and lenses.

“Knowing you made a pair of glasses for somebody so that they can see better was rewarding and not real back breaking,” Gowdy said. “It was very gratifying.”

Gowdy said now that he is retired he started the Sons of the American Legion in Marshalltown and is the vice state commander. He also is in the Kiwanis Club.

“Living in the city for 40 years I can see the problems. What the council people are doing now and a lot of that stuff is great and it just needs to be carried on instead of just sitting back,” Gowdy said. “It’s time to step up and try to do the best you can.”