Price puts priorities on street work

Merrill Price said the extensive road work projects the city of Marshalltown has completed in recent years should continue.

The candidate for a 3rd Ward city council seat said it’s at the top of his list should he be elected this fall.

“We have lots of streets that need to be repaired,” Price said. “They kind of ignore the poor streets.”

In addition to wanting to repair the streets, Price said he has other goals in mind.

“We’re going to need an new police station because they are crowded in there and that building really isn’t fit,” Price said. “They should’ve never moved in to there to start out with and then of course eventually we’re going to need a new fire station.”

Price said he would also like to see Marshalltown be a cleaner and safer place to live. He also wants to make a newsletter for council meetings to keep people in touch with local government.

He also said he wants four council meetings a month instead of two.

“You need communication with the people,” Price said. “The people of Marshalltown really don’t know what’s going on in Marshalltown because you only get two of them a month and most of them don’t know when they are.”

Price was born and raised in Marshalltown. He has been married for 55 years, has two adult children and six grandchildren.

Price started working at the railroads in Marshalltown, then went to Northwestern Railroad in Chicago to be a mechanical officer and then went to Chicago South Shore Railroad. He retired in 2001 and moved back to Marshalltown.

Since then, he said he has done a lot of volunteer work, including efforts to improve the city’s cleanliness and the sidewalk committee.

“In 2007 the city gave me an award for 1,700 hours of service,” Price said.

Price said he and his wife try to go to every city council meeting. If they can’t make it they watch at home.

“I just like to help people and things like that,” Price said.