Martin wants the best for Marshalltown

Bill Martin is running for city council because he believes he has a role in making Marshalltown a better place.

“I’ve always felt that we are all in this together,” Martin said. “Not only the number of candidates that offer choices or our voters, but I also mean the whole community.”

Martin said by serving as an at-large candidate on the Marshalltown City Council, he would present new ideas to achieve positive outcomes.

“I want the city to be a better place to work, live and play,” Martin said. “The safety and well-being of all citizens is appealing to me, I’ve tried to follow that all the way through my residence here.”

Martin said he doesn’t have any particular goals of being on council but he is open to citizen input.

“I’m a person who values teamwork and positive outcomes and I think that’s the main purpose of me being there contributing in that way as a member of that team,” Martin said. “My tastes are basically simple in outlook, I just want the best we can afford as a community.”

When it comes to a new fire and police station, Martin said that is in the preliminary stages of accessing need.

“There is special research on possible sites, should the need be proven,”Martin said. “Ultimately, the decision of a future fire or police station would be left up to the voters. Guiding that as a city council member will be very important.”

Martin said he is encouraged by what the city council has done.

“I think the city council and its various departments do a commendable job of performing work for the citizens,” Martin said.

Martin has lived in Marshalltown since 1971. He is married and has three adult children.

Martin is a retired educator. He worked at the Marshalltown Community School District as a secondary counselor for about 13 years and Iowa Valley Community College District as an administrator for 18 years.

“My mother and teachers always said, ‘Bill plays and works well with others,'” Martin said. “So I hope to be a positive influence on city council.”