Poole will seek real solutions for the city

Tom Poole said Marshalltown has given him a great life and running for city council is a way to pay it back.

The at-large candidate said he owes something to the community.

“I think our community has some large problems, I think our community has some small problems,” Poole said. “A lot of them are problems just because that’s just the way it is, big and small – can’t be solved.”

An issue Poole is concerned with is retirement pay.

“I don’t know, but how much are we paying a city employee that’s retired? How much are we paying a city employee that retired in 1990? What are we paying them now in retirement benefits and how are we paying them? You shouldn’t make more retired now then when you were working,” Poole said. “That’s a problem, if it isn’t already, that the city has to face.”

He said downtown is deteriorating.

“If you look at some of the buildings that we have they are looking ratty,” Poole said. “If they’re still owned by individuals it needs to be stressed to bring them up. If it has been bought over by the city for some reason then the city should repair it. It’s not a bad town, but it’s not as pretty as it was at one time.”

Poole said he lived in Marshalltown for about 50 years and moved from Denver, Colo.

“The change wasn’t as much as I thought it would be but I’d hate to move back to a city,” Poole said.

Poole is married, has three daughters and nine grandchildren.

Poole and his wife own and operate Man’s Best Friend, a dog and cat kennel, boarding and grooming business.

“We are not part of a big city,” Poole said. “It’s a mom and pop outfit.”

Poole said Man’s Best Friend has been open for almost 27 years.

“I think I can relate more with people that have small businesses and small rental units than a person that works for a large company,” Poole said. “I’m also able to try to get solutions very quickly.”